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State Library of Victoria entrusts Oracle software support and security to Rimini Street

Daniel Benad , Group Vice President and Regional General Manager , Oceania , Rimini Street

The State Library of Victoria , Australia ’ s oldest library , has entrusted the support and maintenance of its Oracle E-Business software to Rimini Street .

Rimini Street is also providing the library with its Advanced Database Security ( ADS ) and Advanced Application Middleware Security ( AAMS ) solutions , enabling an approach to security that can block vulnerabilities in hours – unlike traditional and old vendor software patch models that can take months to implement .
Bradley Vice , Chief Financial Officer at the State Library of Victoria , said : “ Rimini Street worked with our team to identify and provide solutions for the risks we face . The team enjoy the service we ’ re providing and are pleased with Rimini Street ’ s responsiveness and the security capability they provide .”
Daniel Benad , Group Vice President and Regional General Manager , Oceania , Rimini Street , said :
“ Patches and upgrades require costly and time-consuming regression testing and downtime , and this level of disruption to fix a discovered security vulnerability simply leaves ERP customers exposed to attack .
“ Large institutions such as the library require fast solutions to vulnerabilities , and a more proactive approach is required to protect the database and application middleware than simply waiting for a code patch to be developed , tested and installed . Protecting with a virtual shield from the outside has proven to be a more effective security solution .”

Zscaler launches co-located data centers in Canberra and Auckland

Zscaler has launched a new co-located data center in Canberra and a second co-located data center in Auckland .

This investment will now offer public and private sector enterprises in Australia and New Zealand greater resilience in support of their Zero Trust cybersecurity posture .
The new sites have been added as part of Zscaler ’ s on-going investment across its operations in Australia and New Zealand and will complement the existing Zscaler data center infrastructures in both Sydney and Melbourne , all of which are co-located within Equinix data centers .
At the same time , the new Canberra data center will assist in providing an increase in capacity to address a significant rise in demand from public sector organizations .
Steve Singer , Regional Vice President , Australia at Zscaler
“ Successful organizations of any size realize that any disruption , regardless of how small a security incident , will have an impact on the business as a whole ,” said Steve Singer , Regional Vice President , Australia at Zscaler .
“ At present , we support more than a million users from Australia on our platform and these numbers are set to escalate . Bringing new data center facilities to Canberra and Auckland puts our industry-leading Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform closer to our customers .
“ Our new data center infrastructure will further support any new programs which the new Federal Government and Minister for Cybersecurity may launch to further build awareness of the Essential Eight and continue to reinforce the need for on-going cyber-vigilance .”
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