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Akamai and Fujitsu to safeguard critical infrastructure in ANZ and combat rising cyberthreats

With increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats impacting all industries including the public sector , financial , energy and healthcare sectors , the relationship will allow ANZ customers to better secure data and critical infrastructure and mitigate cyberattacks .
The companies will be working together to highlight the importance of microsegmentation in a modern architecture required to secure hybrid IT environments .

Akamai Technologies , the cloud company that powers and protects life online , and Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand , a leading ICT services , solutions and products company have announced they have entered a strategic relationship to assist organizations in Australia to defend against the threat of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks affecting critical infrastructure and digital assets .

This is an expansion to the companies ’ longstanding relationship in Japan .
The strategic relationship will see Akamai ’ s market-leading microsegmentation solution bolstered by Fujitsu ’ s leadership as a managed services provider , backed by the company ’ s extensive services portfolio across hybrid IT , data centers , cloud and cybersecurity .
Microsegmentation is regarded as one of the fundamental projects in a Zero Trust initiative , alongside Zero Trust Network Access ( ZTNA ).
With the acquisition of Guardicore in 2021 , Akamai has further developed its microsegmentation capabilities , helping organizations reduce the attack surface , better contain breaches and achieve regulatory compliance .

Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending to reach nearly US $ 500 billion in 2022

Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 20.4 % in 2022 to total US $ 494.7 billion , up from US $ 410.9 billion in 2021 , according to the latest forecast from Gartner .

In 2023 , end-user spending is expected to reach nearly US $ 600 billion .“ Cloud is the powerhouse that drives today ’ s digital organizations ,” said Sid Nag , Research Vice President at Gartner . “ CIOs are beyond the era of irrational exuberance of procuring cloud services and are being thoughtful in their choice of public cloud providers to drive specific , desired business and technology outcomes in their Digital Transformation journey .”
Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) is forecast to experience the highest end-user spending growth in 2022 at 30.6 %, followed by Desktop-as-a-Service ( DaaS ) at 26.6 % and Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS ) at 26.1 %.
The new reality of hybrid work is prompting organizations to move away from powering their workforce with traditional client computing solutions , such as desktops and other physical in-office tools , and toward DaaS , which is driving spending to reach US $ 2.6 billion in 2022 . Demand for cloud-native capabilities by end-users accounts for PaaS growing to US $ 109.6 billion in spending .
“ Cloud native capabilities such as containerization , Database Platform-as-a-Service ( dbPaaS ) and AI / Machine Learning contain richer features than commoditized compute such as IaaS or Networkas-a-Service ,” said Nag . “ As a result , they are generally more expensive which is fueling spending growth .”
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