Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 82


Addressing the skills gap in cybersecurity

Daniel Chu , Vice President of Systems Engineering for Asia Pacific and Japan at ExtraHop , answers our questions about the high demand for cybersecurity skills .

wWhat are some of the highest cybersecurity skills in demand ?

Cybersecurity is a broad field that cuts across industries and sectors with a high demand for talent to adapt to the increasingly creative and sophisticated cyberattacks . To cope with the rising threats , organizations must develop and upgrade both the technical and non-technical skills of their cybersecurity teams .
Cybersecurity teams should keep abreast with the various emerging threats that businesses face , as well as ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for cybersecurity . With a firm understanding of policies and regulatory frameworks , as well as developments in the cybersecurity field , IT teams and businesses can align and develop strategies to strengthen their cybersecurity stance .
While cybersecurity can be a highly technical field , it also requires nontechnical skills such as strong analytical capabilities , out-of-the-box thinking , communication skills and problem-solving . These skills are necessary especially for risk management and security compliance roles , as well as mid-management leadership roles .
How has the shortage in these skills contributed to cybercrime over the past year ?
In Asia-Pacific , there is a workforce gap of approximately 1.42 million in the cybersecurity sector , according to 2021 research by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium ( ISC ).
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