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INDUSTRY WATCH we get the most positive feedback from our users . All the information they need is right there . and the incorporation of check-hierarchies , saving planners immense amounts of time , letting them focus on resolving conflicts and ensuring the plan is the best plan for the whole organization .
As mentioned earlier , the visual alerts and cues enable multiple planners to immediately deal with conflicts , out of compliance visits , new tasks , changes to the fleet profile , or any other issue that may arise , affecting the plan , quickly and efficiently , thereby saving time and effort , and ensuring the best outcome .
How does the solution examine the impact of key strategic decisions across an organization ?
In addition , small teams of planners or larger teams working on shared tracks can reserve portions of the overall plan that they manage and seamlessly merge individual contributions to the master plan , significantly improving collaboration without the threat of conflicting or lost data . As operational data , such as flights flown and maintenance performed , is loaded into the system , IFS Fleet Planner automatically identifies the resulting impacts on facilities , resources , capital and expenses required to implement the plan .
Combining these elements means that the changes can be incorporated in real time into the master plan and the plan itself can be published across the organization , also in real time , to ensure all stakeholders are always working with the most up-to-date plan .
Real time alerts instantly warn the user if an action
breaks compliance or a pre-defined operational rule , such as an overdue visit , or , for example , if a track cannot support the type of work required in a visit . This allows planners to adapt immediately and focus on resolving any conflicts in the right way .
How can users benefit from the visibility offered by the solution ?
The main user interface ( UI ) of IFS Fleet Planner consists of an intuitive , interactive Gantt that consolidates planning activities into a single view , eliminating the need to flip back and forth between data sheets or screens , allowing users to click and drag visits and see the impacts of their changes immediately .
Being fully dynamic , the user can zoom in and out in terms of time scale just by scrolling , never having to navigate away from the main screen . Color coding , visual cues , and powerful filtering all contribute to making the UI intuitive , efficient , easy and enjoyable to use . It is , in fact , the aspect of our solution about which
From a strategic planning perspective , IFS Fleet Planner allows planners to incorporate potential strategic decisions , such as fleet growth , capacity expansion , new acquisitions and changing operational models , into a potential plan .
The KPIs , such as cost , yield , and utilization are automatically calculated as the new potential plans are generated and the previously mentioned plan comparison tools then allow the planners to analyze the impacts of those strategic decisions to the maintenance plan . Should those strategic decisions be executed , the corresponding potential plan can then be published , thereby automatically becoming the new master plan .
Can you tell us about some of the other customers IFS is working with in the Asia-Pacific region ?
IFS on the whole supports hundreds of customers across the Asia-Pacific region . IFS focuses on five key industries of which Aerospace and Defense ( A & D ) has generally been our largest . Within A & D , we focus on six sub-industries :
• Airlines and air operators
• Aviation support providers
• A & D MRO providers
• Defense contractors , and
• Defense forces
We support blue-chip customers across Asia-Pac , in each of these sub-industries including multi-faceted organizations like ST Engineering . If we focus solely on major airlines , we have many long-standing customers in the region such as Qantas and China Airlines . In fact , although China Airlines originally deployed our full footprint aviation maintenance solution , they were also the second ever customer to deploy the IFS Fleet Planner solution that JAL Engineering Co has now selected . p
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