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“ After an extensive market review , JAL Engineering Co , selected IFS for its experience in the industry , strong existing reference customers and its complementary fit with our long-term MRO strategy ,” explained Ryo Tamura , President , JAL Engineering Co . “ With IFS fleet maintenance planning software , JAL Engineering Co can automate processes that were previously manual and labor intensive , improve team collaboration by allowing planners to work on a single plan simultaneously , and ultimately decrease aircraft downtime and maximize task yield .”
What kind of information insights will customers such as JAL Engineering Co gain from the IFS fleet planning solution ?
The idea of surfacing all the information the user needs to build the best possible plan is core to IFS Fleet Planner . While building and monitoring plans , information like overlapping maintenance visits and tasks planned beyond the forecasted due date is visually highlighted and easily navigable .
Gerry Fosnick , President , IFS Japan
Gerry Fosnick , President , IFS Japan , added : “ This latest selection affirms the fact that IFS is trusted by some of the world ’ s leading airlines and MRO providers to support fleet-wide maintenance planning and operations . We look forward to working with JAL Engineering Co , to better manage its long-range fleet maintenance plans now and into the future .”
However , IFS Fleet Planner also provides users with the ability to compare multiple plans simultaneously – both from a side-by-side Gantt view , but also by comparing Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) for all selected plans . IFS is continuously adding new KPIs to our plan comparison tools to provide additional insights and comparison points . KPIs include :
We asked him further questions to find out more about the project .
How can IFS help customers such as JAL Engineering Co support fleet-wide long range maintenance planning ?
Maintaining the airworthiness , safety and regulatory compliance of their aircraft fleet is a critical component of any aviation organization ’ s business . However , delivering the best maintenance plan that can meet the expanding demand of a dynamic business can be a challenge when planners must contend with a network of maintenance facilities with varying capacity and capabilities , and pressure to keep aircraft in revenue service for as long as possible .
Traditional tools like spreadsheets and generic scheduling applications , not purpose-built for aviation planners , fall far short in meeting the complex forecasting , modelling , and control requirements of a modern and growing airline .
With IFS Fleet Planner , long range planners can move beyond the struggle of spreadsheet macros , manual data manipulation and document version control , and instead , focus their efforts on building comprehensive plans that best suit operational demands .
Designed to work with data from any maintenance information system , IFS Fleet Planner offers a complete set of tools that reduce the manual and repetitive efforts of creating and updating plans , while providing planners with the insights needed to choose the best possible plan .
• Plan cost
• Plan yield
• Track utilization
• Days out of service and more .
It is this ability to compare and contrast different plans and different planning scenarios that provides the most powerful insights to the customer , allowing them to implement the best plan for their organization .
How can users benefit from the solution ’ s ( a ) reduction in manual processes , ( b ) real-time alerts and ( c ) automated processes ?
IFS Fleet Planner simplifies maintenance visit planning for aircraft availability , check yield , resources and hangar utilization . It reduces the manual and repetitive effort of planning with a set of time-saving tools .
The IFS Fleet planner scheduling takes into account a fully modelled maintenance program and all of the operational constraints defined to automatically schedule a plan for the whole fleet out decades into the future , or only to schedule specific sub-fleets or maintenance tasks in a specific time window .
Our customers have indicated to us that generating an equivalent wholesale plan would have taken them days with their previous tools and now takes them only seconds to minutes .
The scheduling engine automates many previously manual processes such as the auto-merging of visits
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