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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for the APAC region . This month ’ s cover features Lindsay Hoare , Head of Technology at Ampol , a fuel and convenience retailer .

Outlining the nature of his technological challenge , he told us : “ In an organization as diverse as Ampol – running hundreds of technology solutions crucial to daily workflows , retail operations and customer experience initiatives – we needed something in the middle to connect the data being generated . “ We also needed to orchestrate it across the organization . This became especially important once we started bringing new digital assets to the business .”
Ampol implemented Boomi to replace what Hoare calls a ‘ spaghetti junction ’ featuring hundreds of on-premises , point-to-point integrations . “ As well as connecting Ampol ’ s IT environment , Boomi feeds accurate information back into our enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) platform in near-real-time so it can be analyzed to inform business decisions – for example , fuel prices , stock levels and shipping activities ,” added Hoare . You can find out more details about the project by turning to p56 .
Elsewhere , we take a look at when KBank , one of the most successful banks in Thailand , needed to modernize its legacy backup solution and turned to Veeam .
Surapan Chaimahapruek , Assistant Managing Director at KBTG , told us : “ One critical requirement for Digital Transformation is modern data protection , but the bank ’ s legacy backup solution wasn ’ t capable . Backup required us to manually verify the success or failure of every backup and rerun the failed ones . “ Veeam not only modernizes data protection , but it also ensures consistency of data protection and improves operational efficiency because it ’ s reliable and easy to use .” There ’ s much more to discover about this story on p48 .
In this month ’ s Talking Business , Justin Hurst , Field CTO , Nutanix APJ , tells us five key reasons organizations across Asia-Pacific need to consider Database-as-a-Service ( DBaaS ). He says : “ Not only does deploying DBaaS help to improve operational efficiencies , it also helps businesses digitally transform across other areas of the business . “ App development teams in charge of building new systems and processes need to work off the most up-to-date , live databases – not duplicate versions that are constantly out of date .” To read more turn to p36 .
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