Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 63

CASE STUDY solution to its unique business requirements now and as its business expands in the future .”
About AGP
Architectural Glass Products ( AGP ) is focused on supplying high quality products with exceptional service to its customers . AGP operates out of a custom-built world-class facility in Hautapu , near Cambridge .
AGP was created to help provide the APL window manufacturer network with a total window solution . Glass is an integral part of any window solution and APL can now offer the most advanced glass technology to their customers .
The company ’ s plant and equipment was selected after a two-year due diligence and planning process that involved benchmarking against other world-class glass manufacturers .
Insulated Glass Units ( IGUs ) are produced with minimal human contact using precise automated equipment to provide a superior end product .
AGP selected Pollin8 and Thinxtra as the combined IoT solution because it is cost-effective , making it ideally suited to the manufacturer ’ s plans for continued expansion . The devices are quick to install , and the 0G Network allows AGP to simply connect the sensors to the IoT without needing to invest in building or maintaining any communications infrastructure . AGP also stands to save costs over time as the devices are battery-powered and last several years , reducing need for replacement , without the need for on-going maintenance .
Nicholas Lambrou , CEO at Thinxtra , said : “ Since foundation , AGP has built a highly sophisticated operation underscored by incredible efficiency , which has catapulted the company to the pinnacle of glass supply in NZ . By bringing IoT into the mix from a very early stage , AGP gained granular visibility over the assets responsible for safely transporting its glass products to a fast-growing network of customers , avoiding unnecessary losses and maintaining its stringent customer service level agreements .” and provided to AGP in real-time through web and mobile applications in an easy-to-understand format .
Nick Pickering , CEO at Pollin8 , said : “ Although GPS based tracking solutions have been available for powered vehicles for decades , IoT has introduced the capability to deliver tracking of non-powered assets using devices with long battery life in an affordable manner and at scale . That means we can provide AGP with not only around the clock tracking , but tailor the
Craig Weise , CEO of New Zealand Green Investment Finance ( NZGIF ), said : “ The combination of IoT devices and data has created a tremendous opportunity to reduce carbon emissions . With the ability to better track vehicles and assets , organizations can reduce their environment impact by optimizing fleets and routing to shorten time on the road , while avoiding waste from lost assets . It ’ s great to see Thinxtra continuing to partner with companies to help them achieve efficiencies and reduce their carbon impact .” p
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