Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 53


City of Vincent in Australia protects against ransomware with Veeam

The City of Vincent complies with Western Australia ’ s State Records Act and protects against ransomware with Veeam .

At the heart of every local government is an IT infrastructure comprised of systems that deliver critical services to residents including recordkeeping , financial management and online bill payment . Many of these IT infrastructures are under attack as local governments are besieged by a barrage of cybercrimes that put their data at risk . If ransomware is involved , their financial solvency is at risk too .

The City of Vincent is keenly aware of these risks , so when a state government audit identified limitations that could potentially compromise the confidentiality , integrity and availability of their data , the city acted fast .
“ Resolving those limitations became a top priority ,” said Peter Ferguson , Executive Manager of ICT for the City of Vincent . “ The limitations were directly related to off-premises backup and Disaster Recovery ( DR ), so our compliance with the State Records Act was at risk too .”
Ferguson said he and his colleagues were using Veeam Backup & Replication , but they weren ’ t taking full advantage of Veeam ’ s off-premises backup and DR capabilities . That all changed when Ferguson decided to leverage on Focus Networks , a prominent Perthbased IT service provider that ’ s also a Silver Veeam Cloud & Service Provider ( VCSP ) partner .
“ We provide the City of Vincent with something that wasn ’ t possible before : short-term backup copies on-premises and long-term backup copies in a tier 3 government-approved data center located 10 kilometers away – along with clearly defined service level agreements ( SLAs ) regarding data retention and recovery ,” said David Staeck , Managing Director of Focus Networks .
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