Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 50

bank save 900 administrative hours each month and US $ 70,000 in IT costs each year .
Catalyst , backup is fast and reliable , and recovery takes minutes – not hours like the legacy solution .
“ Veeam is a cost-effective and robust solution and requires far less operational effort than legacy backup ,” Chaimahapruek said . “ Veeam ’ s product maturity and commitment to the industry are admirable .”
Chaimahapruek said Instant VM Recovery and Veeam Explorers for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are among administrators ’ favorite features because they reduce recovery time by 300 %.
Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok , Thailand .
Veeam backs up 2 PB across 1,800 virtual machines ( VMs ) and 120 physical machines to Hewlett Packard Enterprise ( HPE ) StoreOnce in a secure on-site cloud . StoreOnce replicates data to a separate site for regulatory compliance and Disaster Recovery ( DR ). Because Veeam integrates with HPE StoreOnce
Another favorite is Veeam DataLabs because administrators can create isolated environments to verify the recoverability of backups ( SureBackup ) and replicas ( SureReplica ) for regulatory compliance . Before deploying Veeam , verifying recoverability for compliance took months , but now it takes one week .
“ Veeam has dramatically improved operational efficiency ,” Chaimahapruek continued . “ It also helps us resolves IT issues proactively . Veeam provides visibility through monitoring , reporting and capacity planning , enabling us to protect the business by resolving an issue before it develops into a problem .”
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