Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 49


four months installing , maintaining and patching agents in individual systems and applications . Systems and applications run 24 / 7 , so administrators had to request downtime for each one .
Chaimahapruek said co-ordinating agent upgrades was difficult and time-consuming .
Veeam ’ s product maturity and commitment to the industry are admirable .
Systems and applications are at the core of KBank ’ s business operations . A customer information system helps employees manage customer relationships , a payment processing system lets customers pay bills and business intelligence tools analyze data used to develop and enhance digital offerings .
“ Digital Transformation requires modern data protection , so we replaced the legacy solution with Veeam Availability Suite ,” Chaimahapruek said .
“ Veeam not only modernizes data protection , but it also ensures consistency of data protection and improves operational efficiency because it ’ s reliable and easy to use .”
The Veeam solution
Veeam supports compliance with data privacy regulations from the Bank of Thailand , and it helps the
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