Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 44

Unfortunately , a return to office life presents its own unique cybersecurity issues .
Jason Sabin , Chief Technology Officer at DigiCert

Best practices in securing today ’ s remote workforce

Jason Sabin , Chief Technology Officer at DigiCert , tells us how organizations have adopted innovative solutions to manage remote working and outlines some of the best security practices .

It ’ s been two years since the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11 2020 . Businesses were forced to shut down their offices and reimagine new ways of working . Two years later , companies are reopening again , but it is clear that the workplace has changed forever .

Organizations have adopted innovative solutions to adapt to remote working and most of them see hybrid work continuing beyond the pandemic . According to Gartner , 82 % of business leaders plan to maintain at least a partial work-from-home structure even after the pandemic has fully passed .
Employee expectations have evolved as well . According to Milieu Insight ’ s recent survey , working remotely seems to be the prevailing choice among employees in Singapore with 78 % leaning towards a hybrid schedule . However , just as the workplace has changed , new cybersecurity issues have emerged .
Here ’ s how COVID has changed security in the workplace for good and the key takeaways to secure today ’ s remote workforce .
Pandemic increased cybersecurity attacks
A survey by PwC of a diverse group of business and technology executives found that 52 % of CISOs in Singapore agree that the pandemic has
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