Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 41

With the new Weber applications now working on the Ivanti Velocity , Weber decided to add the Ivanti Speakeasy voice solution to its processes to eliminate the need for staff to physically interact with their mobile devices . Weber moved to voice within two weeks of adopting the new mobile devices , a concept unheard of with other solutions .
Warehouse staff could now rely on voice commands and acknowledgement and work handsfree by placing their devices in waist-mounted holsters . This solved the safety concerns of managers when handheld devices were in use . In addition , staff could undertake their tasks at a faster pace , allowing for significant productivity gains .
“ Shifting to voice-based processes in the warehouse at Weber has created a significant impact ,” said Terry Garner , the Weber Logistics Manager for Australia and New Zealand . “ We have experienced a 12-second reduction in the time to pick an item . In product-picking numbers , that equates to time savings of 20 minutes for every 100 items picked , representing a significant
Brandon Black , Senior Vice President and General Manager , Ivanti Wavelink
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