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Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy have enabled barbecue home grill company Weber to consistently meet customer expectations amid heightened demand during the pandemic , while keeping operational costs low .
For example , the number of key clicks required to process a transaction was considerable . This presented productivity and safety concerns , as employees were often distracted and spending too much time on its devices , while struggling to pick goods safely and effectively ; working in a Weber warehouse involves handling bulky items that require two-handed picking , which cannot be achieved with a device in hand .

Ivanti Wavelink , the supply chain business unit of Ivanti , has announced that Weber , one of the largest brands in the home grill market , is leveraging Ivanti Velocity and Ivanti Speakeasy to solve supply chain challenges , streamline warehouse processes , and unlock productivity and safety gains .

Weber ’ s supply chain processes have long been underpinned by technology , but the company ’ s recent investments in Ivanti Wavelink solutions have truly improved workflows , reduced training times and futureproofed its supply chain operations .
Before the pandemic , the Weber team in Australia had been using mobile computing technology to manage day-to-day warehouse tasks , such as product put away and order picking , but some business challenges existed .
In addition , the rugged mobile devices were approaching their end of life , due to an operating system becoming unsupported . The COVID-19 pandemic presented yet another challenge in early 2020 ; with lockdowns in place , Weber shifted its business model and offered free shipping for online orders , thus increasing sales and pressure on the warehouse to be more productive .
To solve these supply chain challenges , Weber worked with its mobile device supplier to replace its existing devices with Android-based Honeywell CT40 devices . Using the Ivanti Velocity solution , Weber then migrated and modernized its green screen-based applications to a modern , touch-enabled layout on the Android operating system without a line of code being written .
This meant that the adoption of the new devices within the Weber warehouse could happen in days rather than months , and processes could immediately be streamlined by reducing the number of keystrokes with the new , more intuitive applications . But it was the next step that truly transformed Weber ’ s warehouse practices and unlocked significant productivity and safety gains .

Weber transforms warehouse processes and unlocks productivity with Ivanti

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