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Companies who refuse to let go of more outdated or clunky systems will fail to attract the best and brightest . decisions as organizations aim to stay one step ahead of ever-changing consumer behaviors . Databases are a gold mine of customer data , and emerging technologies , such as Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML ), can help businesses make sense of this data ; detecting patterns and anomalies that would be impossible to detect manually .
4 hours instead of 1 – 2 days , all while saving 90Tb of database storage .
Improve talent acquisition : Already , the Forrester study shows that interviewed companies found it challenging to hire technologists with the specialized skill sets to maintain legacy databases .
Each time a veteran employee leaves or retires , it prompts a knowledge leak , creates a transition gap and causes quality issues .
Now , with Generation Z entering the workforce – a generation of digital natives who expect technology to work rapidly and seamlessly – organizations must be able to offer the most flexible and easy to use cloudbased technologies to attract and retain the next generation of talent .
Not only are younger , more digitally savvy employees now entering the workforce , but the labour market across Asia-Pacific and Japan is tightening , resulting in organizations planning salary budget increases for 2022 .
Talent acquisition and retention is becoming increasingly competitive , and companies who refuse to let go of more outdated or clunky systems will fail to attract the best and brightest .
Gain rich customer insights : Consumer intelligence is playing an increasing role in strategic business
However , AI and ML technologies work best in the cloud – deploying them across on-prem databases wouldn ’ t work in the same way . For businesses that want to track real-time customer behaviors and stay on top of trends , migrating databases to the cloud and deploying DBaaS not only improves efficiencies , but provides invaluable customer insights .
Fast-track Digital Transformation : According to IDC ’ s 2022 predictions , at least half of the Asia Pacific economy will be based on , or influenced by digital by the end of this year . Furthermore , direct Digital Transformation investments will make up 70 % of all ICT investments by the end of 2024 .
Not only does deploying DBaaS help to improve operational efficiencies , it also helps businesses digitally transform across other areas of the business . App development teams in charge of building new systems and processes need to work off the most up-to-date , live databases – not duplicate versions that are constantly out of date .
Databases of the future
Databases are critical to company success , but as we move into 2022 and beyond , data volumes will only continue to explode . The exponential data growth will force organizations to modernize and simplify their database management systems – whether on-premises , in the private cloud , or in hybrid cloud – finding new ways to improve efficiency , save costs and improve employee experience . p
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