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The sheer volume of data being created by organizations is staggering . Once upon a time , a petabyte was considered a remarkable amount of data – which in reality it still is : a petabyte is the equivalent of roughly 20 million tall filing cabinets or 500 billion pages of standard printed text .

However , these days it ’ s common for organizations to have tens , or even hundreds , of petabytes of data to manage – often filed across multiple databases – requiring significant amounts of storage and resources .
However , when databases are managed by legacy systems , they become increasingly burdensome , with slow response times and inconsistent performance , and they become plagued with inefficiencies .
According to IDC research , approximately 75 % of database deployments remain on-premises . An unsurprising figure , given that organizations want to keep their most critical IP close by . But as businesses focus on Digital Transformation , Database-as-a- Service ( DBaaS ) offers a simplified way of configuring and maintaining an organization ’ s databases .
Here are five key reasons organizations across Asia- Pacific and Japan need to consider DBaaS : they can automatically distribute patches across databases faster than ever . In many cases , patches can be made in under an hour .
Slash budgets and resourcing : IDC research also shows that almost three quarters ( 73 %) of organizations use different tools and processes for their on-premises databases versus their cloud databases .
Not only does this result in the company purchasing redundant tools and having to maintain them , it also results in staffing inefficiencies , with database managers spending hours creating and maintaining databases .
In fact , the Forrester Total Economic Impact ( TEI ) study reports that database administrator ( DBA ) teams often need to work overtime and on weekends in order to keep up .
Justin Hurst , Field CTO , Nutanix APJ
Not only does deploying DBaaS help to improve operational efficiencies , it also helps businesses digitally transform .
Reduced downtime : Security is an ever increasing threat for business , with the number of cyberattacks having risen dramatically since the pandemic .
In legacy environments , patching security vulnerabilities can result in lengthy periods of downtime , which according to a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Nutanix , equated to US $ 35,000 per hour in losses from productivity , revenue loss and downstream impact for a composite organization .
However , when shifting to DBaaS , companies gain access to a single management console , which means
According to the Forrester Consulting TEI study , this is overtime which was slashed by up to 50 % for a composite organization simply by migrating to a simpler database management solution .
For India ’ s RBL Bank , a digital leader in India with more than 8.49 million customers and 1,631 offices , their returns were significant .
Leveraging Nutanix Database Service allowed them to cut provisioning times by 90 % and reduce critical clones creations of databases for key customers to
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