Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 23 - Page 21

90 percent of those who have completed a project are looking into additional projects .
Pillar 1 – Connectivity : connecting and monitoring assets
Those who have finished an IoT project report achieving reduced downtime , lower operating costs , increased productivity and a greater understanding of equipment ( see chart below ) and how to optimize it .
Connectivity involves connecting physical devices and enterprise systems to the IoT to foster system integration , increase transparency and improve processes remotely across plants .
The following steps detail how to make the digital transition and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 .
The first step in a digital transformation is connecting physical devices and systems to the IoT . Even companies with legacy machines can do this with sensors and hardware investments . Assets in multiple locations can be connected and their condition monitored remotely . Once machines are connected , real-time operational data can then be collected , and alarms can be set to notify the manufacturer when an asset isn ’ t performing properly , removing the likelihood of a costly and urgent emergency repair . p
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