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Kong report reveals pressure on tech leaders to innovate

Compounding this fear is a lack of skills and talent , cited by 34 % of survey respondents as a drag on innovation .
According to the research , 40 % of respondents predict they will go under or be absorbed by a competitor within three years if digital innovation lags , while an overwhelming majority ( 81 %) predict the same outcome within six years and virtually all ( 98 %) within 10 years .
The annual survey of 500 senior technology leaders across the U . S , Europe and Asia benchmarks how APIs , microservices and modern software architectures enable business agility and compares how they are used at organizations with more than 1,000 employees .

The new 2022 API & Microservices Connectivity Report from Kong reveals that the pressure to innovate continues to mount for technology leaders .

Marco Palladino , CTO and Co-founder of Kong , said : “ We are in a unique business climate today where almost every minute of our customers ’ lives are digitally connected , and they expect nothing less than seamless connections and the best digital experiences possible .
A total of 75 % of technology leaders fear competitive displacement if they fail to keep pace with digital innovation , up 13 % since 2021 and 18 % since 2020 .
“ Businesses must make customer experiences a priority in 2022 – starting by investing in the right tech stack and empowering their developer teams to build the applications of the future .”

Singapore FinTech ecosystem produces globally compliant Wallet-as-a-Service

Singapore FinTech Wallet Engine has partnered with cloud banking platform Mambu to fast-track the development of its Wallet-as-a-Service offering . This aims to become the go-to solution to embed financial services into any app or user experience .

Wallet Engine empowers non-financial organizations to launch their own branded wallets for seamless money transfers between their users , regardless of the dollar amount or country of origin – with its core focus on micro transactions and crossborder capabilities .
Gregor Arn , CEO and Co-founder at Wallet Engine , said : “ Traditionally , if a customer wanted to send a small amount of money to someone else via their bank or financial provider , it was a very difficult and incredibly expensive exercise – often the fees would swallow the amount being transferred .
“ Wallet Engine wanted to solve this problem by focusing on micro transactions and removing the problems created by the unique regulatory systems in different countries . “ We believe that making lowvalue , cross-border cash transfers quick , easy and inexpensive will have a significant impact on financial inclusion , particularly in those countries that are currently underbanked or underserved .
“ Our Wallet-as-a-Service subsequently enables organizations in all sorts of industries to launch their own branded wallets to provide their customers with added value that is convenient and simple .”
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