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Davinia Simon , Head of Growth Markets , Stax approachable , flexible and empowering . When they speak , they offer great insights into the business . Empathy helps them negotiate egos and have meaningful conversations with the senior leadership .
How to retrain and upskill existing employees to 10x
In the face of persistent skills challenges , businesses can upskill and train existing employees and ensure that they are equipped to operate in the digital-first world . Doing so will help focus staff on delivering the best outcomes for a business and will have a positive domino effect across the team .
1 . Overhaul tasks that involve ineffective and inefficient processes . According to a report by McKinsey , more than 40 % of employees surveyed spend at least 25 % of their week on time-consuming tasks . The same research also found that 60 % of employees estimate they could save six or more hours a week if these tasks were automated .
2 . Incorporate tools and platforms into your company that help free employees from laborious processes while also supporting knowledge sharing . This will drive efficiencies ; help employees focus on delivering on key tasks and democratize knowledge rather than it being housed with one or two specialist team members – all of which improves business outcomes .
3 . Offer fast and readily digestible training to help upskill employees . Short but insightful lessons can help increase retention rates and entice employees to complete more training in a faster time frame . Employees should also be paired with a mentor that ’ s already on the path to 10x and can share practical guidance and helpful resources .
4 . Ensure the culture aligns to the 10x way of working , largely by providing flexibility and freedom for employees to grow . Those in management roles must also share active feedback with their teams , allowing employees to learn on a day-to-day basis .
Three practices can help employees build transformative 10x qualities :
Davinia Simon is the Head of Growth Markets at Stax , the only native AWS cloud management platform . Prior to joining Stax , Davinia held roles at Adobe and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), most recently as the Head of Channel and Alliances , Australia and New Zealand at AWS .
By fostering the type of culture that helps your employees advance faster , you ’ re developing their skills and increasing their potential to earn a higher salary . You ’ re also likely to increase workplace engagement and employee wellbeing in the process .
Building an environment where excellent employees thrive is about evolving your focus beyond individuals to support the entire team . It ’ s about upskilling all employees and making them more efficient and emotionally intelligent than they were before . Considering the persistent digital skills shortage across Asia-Pacific , creating more 10xers is proving essential to delivering on-going business success . p
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