Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 83

How to identify and recruit 10x qualities
A ‘ 10x engineer ’ or a 10xer is a term that originated in Silicon Valley , stemming from the observation that a highly efficient engineer can achieve 10 times more than an average engineer . These 10xers have exceptional skills , high enthusiasm , extremely positive attitudes , bottomless curiosity , and great vision and outlook . They also possess enough modesty to take great advice when it ’ s offered .
Rather than looking for the needle in the haystack , or an individual 10xer person , companies across APAC should look to hire for ‘ 10x qualities ’ and to build a 10x culture . These qualities reside in people that can carry out work in an exceptionally efficient manner but own and acknowledge they aren ’ t invincible .
They have the same level of failures and mistakes as others , but they ’ re great at overcoming issues and creating success . They ’ re also good at asking smart questions , facilitating conversation and constructive debate , and know how to build rapport among a variety of stakeholders .
Those with 10x qualities see problem-solving as a fun activity . They are results-oriented and have all the key technical skills to do their job well . However , empathy , while more difficult to seek based on interviews , is truly one of the most desirable and important traits of an excellent employee .
These individuals often need to lead large groups of people , which requires them to be understanding ,
By fostering the type of culture that helps your employees advance faster , you ’ re developing their skills and increasing their potential .
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