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Cloudian experts says 1950 ’ s approach to storing data must change

James Wright , Director of A / NZ , Oceania and ASEAN , Cloudian

An industry expert from Cloudian says the Australian Government ’ s 1950 ’ s approach to storage means its data is still vulnerable despite investing in cybersecurity .

James Wright , Director of A / NZ , Oceania and ASEAN , Cloudian , says it ’ s time to think more about data immutability and less about tape , creating unencryptable digital copies of data ready to redeploy into an organization in the event of an attack .
Wright said : “ The government – just like virtually all organizations across Australia – is spending more to bolster its cybersecurity defences .
“ However , despite unprecedented investment in cyberdefence , business and policy decisions often fail to take sufficient actions to protect and ensure quick recovery of the prime target in cybercriminal activity : data .
“ Much of our most important data across enterprises and government alike remains backed up on outdated tape systems ( if anywhere at all ). This technology – invented in the early 1950s – can be unreliable , out-of-sync with the organization ’ s own IT environment and take weeks or even months to restore data back into an organization .
“ The idea that a modern organization can survive this long without access to their data crown jewels is absurd .
“ Fortunately , more modern storage technologies can provide data immutability that keeps cybercriminals from encrypting , altering or deleting data and enabling fast , easy data recovery and resumption of operations in the event of a breach .”

Motorola Solutions delivers world-first smart mobile solution for Western Australia Police

Motorola Solutions and Western Australia

Police ( WA Police ) have delivered the world ’ s first public safety mobile application to operate within Apple CarPlay .
The new integration extends the use of WA Police ’ s OneForce Core application , enabling frontline officers to manage key operational workflows from within their police vehicles through CarPlay . Drivers can also use voice control features for safe operation while staying focused on the road .
The technology is based on Motorola Solutions ’ PSCore public safety mobile application that integrates critical operational information from multiple WA Police systems , presenting it through a single , intuitive interface .
OneForce Core is a key part of WA Police ’ s digital policing strategy to leverage technology to improve productivity , incident awareness and safety for officers and citizens alike .
The mobile application helps more than 5,000 of WA Police ’ s frontline officers to work more safely and efficiently every day . It is already assisting the agency ’ s transition to digital traffic infringement notices , removing the need to process up to 180,000 handwritten infringement notices every year .
WA Police Deputy Commissioner , Col Blanch , said the smart mobile technology helps the police force to work with improved safety and focus when responding to emergency calls .
“ Since deploying OneForce Core , our officers have been better informed with access to critical operational information wherever they are ,” Blanch said .
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