Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 75

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Simith Nambiar , Practice Lead , Emerging Tech , APJ , Rackspace Technology , tells us how businesses can overcome the challenges they experience with their Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning efforts .

As businesses continue to leverage cloudbased compute technologies , attention is on the explosion of new data , AI and Machine Learning ( AI / ML ). Through the powerful combination of new data and AI / ML technologies , organizations can deliver superior customer-centric experiences , allowing them to understand their business environment like never before , resulting in the ability to drive new levels of efficiency .

In Singapore , the government has continued to invest in ambitious projects in key sectors to accelerate AI / ML adoption . For instance , through the National AI Program in Finance , financial institutions will soon leverage an AI platform to assess the environmental impact , identify emerging risks and enable financial institutions to make green investments . In the public sector , frontline
AI / ML prepares the organization for high-quality automation and predictive intelligence .
government agencies will leverage AI capabilities such as natural language processing ( NLP ) to understand and process feedback and serve citizens better .
However , despite the growing spending towards artificial technology and Machine Learning initiatives , achieving AI / ML-driven successes is tough . Insights from a recent Rackspace Technology-sponsored study reveal that only 18 % of respondents report mature AI / ML capabilities . Moreover , a majority of local
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