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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for the APAC region . This month ’ s cover features Daniel Hawkins , CIO , Domino ’ s Pizza ANZ . He tells us how the company is prioritizing order streams , improving reliability for customers and furthering tech innovation ambitions such as drone delivery , with Macquarie ’ s nbn , VoIP and SD-WAN services .

“ We ’ ve always been a company that ’ s used technology as a tool to provide a better experience , so we needed a network that could match up to that and become a foundation for new digital services for customers , team members and franchisees now and into the future ,” said Hawkins .
“ The fact that Macquarie is the leading provider of SD- WAN systems in Australia was a massive drawcard . We have visibility over our entire order system now , so we can see the source of traffic , whether it ’ s phone , point of sale or online , and prioritize the applications as we need them by ramping up the bandwidth .” You can find out more details about the project by turning to p56 .
Elsewhere , we take a look at how the University of Waikato is deploying the Tribal Student Marketing & Recruitment solution to streamline its marketing activities and bring transparency to its communication , marketing and enquiry functions . a solid foundation to evolve and tailor our CRM processes over time .
“ Our process of continuous improvement will be informed by the insights that Tribal ’ s powerful reporting tools will provide , and we ’ ll be able to leverage Tribal ’ s considerable experience working with universities around the world while moving quickly to fast-track our CRM deployment . There is also plenty of opportunity to tailor our solution over time as our understanding and experience grows .” There ’ s much more to discover about this story on p61 .
In this month ’ s CIO Opinion , Joanne Wong , Vice President , International Markets , LogRhythm , tells us about the challenges of being a working mother in the male-dominated IT industry . “ I believe that we are seeing positive changes within the industry , as more women come on board to take on roles within the IT industry ,” she said .
“ Organizations increasingly recognize the need to make diversity and inclusion central to their talent management strategy , with many stepping up efforts to support and empower women to excel in the workplace .” To read more of her opinions turn to p44 .
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Mike Calvert , Director of Student Services , said : “ We required a solution that could be deployed rapidly while maximizing the opportunity to improve our recruitment activities . The Tribal Student Marketing & Recruitment solution meets that need and provides
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