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CASE STUDY drone deliveries to Australia , with the service going through its latest stage of trials in New Zealand this year . The reliable digital connectivity will also play a part in Domino ’ s ’ upcoming revamp of its online ordering system and help to support the use of future technology in stores .
We asked Daniel Hawkins , CIO , Domino ’ s ANZ , further questions about the project .
What technological challenges did the growth of online ordering pose to your business ?
It ’ s actually about more than just online ordering , it ’ s about ensuring that our infrastructure and systems can handle an increased volume of ordering in general . Whether that be online , or via the phone . We upgraded our infrastructure to ensure that our customers always get the best customer experience when they order from Domino ’ s , all the way from when they place their order to being able to track it from the store to their door .
How has your partnership with Macquarie Telecom helped resolve these challenges ?
Our partnership with Macquarie Telecom immediately helped to boost the capacity and speed of our infrastructure , ensuring that all of our systems and services run seamlessly . We also have more visibility than ever before over the traffic and tracking across the system which is incredibly valuable .
What benefits have been gained from the extra visibility brought to you by your partnership with Macquarie Telecom ? How has this improved the efficiency of your company ?
With SD-WAN we can now see the traffic that goes over the network , including what applications are taking up the most bandwidth and what needs to be prioritized based on this . This has increased not only the efficiency of our ordering systems , but also the efficiency of our support team .
How has the partnership with Macquarie Telecom helped enhance your customer service ?
Our partnership with Macquarie Telecom has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of our systems , which in turn reduces friction for our customers and improves their overall Domino ’ s experience . And nothing is more important to us than that .
Can you explain how SD-WAN has become a centerpiece across your Australian networks ?
SD-WAN has given us the backbone we need to continue to innovate at a store level . From better supporting existing innovations like DOM Pizza Checker and GPS Driver Tracker , to being instrumental in the roll out of our new website and app ( coming soon !). At the end of the day , it ’ s important to not only bring in new customers , but to deliver on their experience and keep them coming back . Having the correct store infrastructure in place helps us do this .
Why did you choose to work with Macquarie Telecom ?
For us it was all about flexibility and reputation . Macquarie Telecom is one of the largest businesses with a number of SD-WAN sites and has successfully completed many SD-WAN roll-outs . They offered the flexibility we were looking for , as well as a superior product which was customized to suit the needs of our business , and the willingness to grow and innovate with us . p




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