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CASE STUDY phone system across Domino ’ s ’ Australian stores . This was seamlessly rolled out to 400 sites within five months , with the remaining 320 sites to be completed in the next four months .
Hawkins says the quality of voice connections and Internet speeds has made it easier for customers to communicate and place orders . The addition of SD-WAN – which maximizes speed and prioritizes applications to suit Domino ’ s ’ needs – has oiled the wheels of the organization ’ s operations to an unprecedented degree .
He said : “ The fact that Macquarie is the leading provider of SD-WAN systems in Australia was a massive drawcard . We have visibility over our entire order system now , so we can see the source of traffic , whether it ’ s phone , point of sale or online , and prioritize the applications as we need them by ramping up the bandwidth .”
Group Executive at Macquarie Telecom Luke Clifton said Domino ’ s ’ transformation is yet another example of the difference a strong digital underpinning can make to an organization .
“ There ’ s not a person in Australia unfamiliar with Domino ’ s and the part it plays in delivering hot , fresh pizza on special occasions like State of Origin . This reputation is important to uphold , and we are privileged to play a part in an organization which has the same focus on excellent customer service ,” he said .
“ The role our SD-WAN solution has played in improving Domino ’ s operations demonstrates the reason for its meteoric growth since we launched the service in 2017 . We have never seen a faster rollout of a product , having now surpassed the 7,000-device milestone , a leap of 1,000 in just four months .”
Macquarie ’ s SD-WAN is powered by VMware-owned VeloCloud technology . On the Domino ’ s deal , Brad Anderson , Vice President and Managing Director for VMware in A / NZ , commented : “ It ’ s incredible to see our SD-WAN technology form such an integral part of a partnership between two leading Australian companies . Our partnership with Macquarie Telecom has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2017 , and we look forward to enhancing that partnership further as SD-WAN becomes a centerpiece across Australian organizations ’ networks .”
Macquarie is also providing Domino ’ s with a flexible and scaleable digital backbone to facilitate future growth opportunities and make headway with technological innovation . With increased bandwidth capacity , Domino ’ s will be better placed to innovate in Australia . The organization is looking at bringing
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