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“ Increasingly , our economy and our security depend on each other . This campus is about both – a mighty A $ 200 million data center , Australian owned , Australian operated , one of the most trusted and certified in Australia , with a team of highly trained engineers delivering up to 50 megawatts of data storage capability .
“ Our government has set a goal of Australia being a top 10 digital economy by 2030 . An essential foundation of such a goal is trust and confidence , trust in the regulatory systems of a country , and confidence it can meet the increasing cyber challenges in our world .
“ One quarter of these attacks targeted either our critical infrastructure or essential services . The fact is , the security of our critical digital infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with our national resilience . As we do more business online – and hold more information online – ensuring the protection of our data and our networks is more critical than ever .
“ We ’ re fortunate to have partners like Macquarie with whom we manage this risk and entrust parts of our data and cybersecurity .”
The official opening follows Macquarie ’ s billing commencement earlier this month of a multi-milliondollar contract with a leading global corporation for circa 10 megawatts ( MW ) of data center capacity .
The deal led Macquarie to increase its planned opening capacity for IC3 East . It also preceded the company unveiling plans to build another data center – its largest ever facility – at the Macquarie Park Data Center Campus . IC3 Super West will increase the campus ’ overall capacity to 50MW .
“ Espionage , disinformation , cyberattacks , foreign interference and economic coercion – these types of malignant activities are mounting in our world .
“ The scale , frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks have increased . In fact , last year in Australia , a cyberincident was reported every eight minutes .
Macquarie Data centers CEO David Hirst welcomed the Prime Minster and called out the importance of secure cloud and data center infrastructure to power Australia ’ s digital economy .
“ We ’ re privileged to have the Prime Minister here today . It epitomises the importance of secure , sovereign
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