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COUNTRY FOCUS : KOREA to route the request and how best to complete the driver ’ s desired action , providing a streamlined , effortless user experience .
“ GiGA Genie has been a driving force in the growing popularity of voice-powered assistants in Korea ,” said Kangrim Choi , SVP and Head of AI Mobility Business Unit , KT . “ We are proud to partner with Cerence to bring GiGA Genie to an entirely new environment in a seamless , integrated offering that makes accessing the assistant ’ s content , services and capabilities easy for drivers while on the go .”
Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator makes it fast and easy for automakers to build in-car voice systems that deliver coexistence between the wide variety of virtual assistants , third-party services and content – including KT ’ s GiGA Genie – available in today ’ s global digital ecosystem .
Through a single interface , Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator removes the complexity of whether the Cerence-powered assistant or GiGA Genie should execute a given task , giving drivers flexibility and enabling automakers to maintain their brand experience and data ownership .
Sunset of Seoul City and Seoul Tower in South Korea
Stefan Ortmanns , CEO , Cerence , said : “ Consumers globally have an ever-expanding digital life that spans a variety of assistants and services . As their ecosystems become more complex , interoperability is key , especially in the car .
Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator serves as a voice router , listening , understanding and routing users ’ requests to best accomplish the task , without needing to specify which assistant should receive and complete the request . p
“ By leveraging our Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator to make GiGA Genie accessible via the automotive assistant , KT has firmly established its commitment to a simple , intuitive user experience . We are excited to team up with KT and support our long-term partner , Mercedes-Benz , as they bring this important capability to drivers of select Mercedes-Benz models in Korea .”
GiGA Genie has been a driving force in the growing popularity of voicepowered assistants in Korea .
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