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SK Telecom , a leading telecommunications company , and California-based Joby Aviation , have partnered to introduce a revolutionary form of transportation to South Korea – a five-seat electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically and has the potential to make emissions-free air travel a part of daily life .

SKT and Joby accelerate jou era of Urban Air Mobility

Busan , South Korea cityscape panorama

SK Telecom ( SKT ), a leading telecommunications company in South Korea , and Joby Aviation , a California-based company developing an all-electric , five-seat aircraft that can take off and land vertically ( eVTOL ), are working together to introduce emissions-free aerial ridesharing services to cities and communities across South Korea .

SKT ’ s CEO Ryu Young-sang and Joby ’ s Founder and CEO JoeBen Bevirt have signed a strategic collaboration agreement at Joby ’ s manufacturing facility in Marina , California .
The agreement will see the two companies work closely on introducing this revolutionary form of transportation in support of the South Korean Ministry of Land , Infrastructure and Transport ’ s ‘ K-UAM ’ ( Korean Urban Air Mobility ) Roadmap , first announced in 2020 .
With a maximum range of 150 miles ( 241 kilometers ), a top speed of 200 mph ( 321 km / h ), and a low noise profile that will allow it to access built-up areas , Joby ’ s piloted aircraft is designed to make convenient , emissions-free air travel an everyday reality .
SKT has been promoting the development of urban air mobility by leveraging its expertise in telecommunications , autonomous driving , precise positioning and security to become a leading company in connected intelligence . As a member of the ‘ UAM Team Korea ’, SKT is also working together with other major Korean companies to enhance the nation ’ s competitiveness in the field .
The partners intend to leverage SK ’ s T Map mobility platform , Korea ’ s largest mobility platform , and UT ride hailing service to provide multi-modal journeys to customers seamlessly integrating both ground and air travel .
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