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CIO OPINION region at 41 % – far surpassing the global average of 28 %. This is no doubt a laudable feat , considering the pace of progress made within a decade .
That said : this is no time to get complacent . We must start to look beyond the numbers and consider if women are truly on equal footing to succeed in the tech workforce . To build a sustainable digital ecosystem that is both inclusive and diverse , businesses have a crucial role to play in ensuring that we do not miss out on the perspectives and contributions of half of the world ’ s population .
What advice would you give to women looking to succeed in a career as a technology leader ?
Firstly , believe that you are as good as the person next to you . Gender should not be something to hold you back from pursuing opportunities that are there for the taking – it is simply not part of the equation . We deserve a seat at the table as much as our male counterparts , and we must be the first to believe it .
Breaking the glass ceiling cannot be a responsibility borne on the shoulders of women alone . Businesses have the opportunity now to reinvent the way diversity is approached – 74 to move past one-off initiatives and introduce measures that prop women up for success in the long run .
Apart from redefining the yardstick of success to ensure that women ’ s successes are accorded rightful recognition , organizations must invest in strengthening the learning and development pipeline for women – and do their part to getting girls interested in STEM-related fields from a young age .
The truth of the matter is that the task of breaking the glass ceiling is an uphill one that requires a collaborative effort from both businesses and government bodies .
How does the approach to women in the legal profession compare to the technology sector ?
It takes extraordinary grit and resilience to not just survive but thrive in such a competitive industry . Female leaders will need to be agile and open-minded to tackle new challenges head-on , but also be ready to stand up for themselves when necessary . With confidence in their abilities and the skills to boot , success in the tech sector is certainly within reach .
Do you feel that there is still a ‘ glass ceiling ’ problem existing for women in the technology sector ?
Women are participating more in the tech industry , but there is still some way to go before glass ceilings are shattered and they are truly set up for success in the same way as their male counterparts . In reality , only 17.1 % of women in Singapore hold seats in the boardroom .
I can confidently say that the legal profession offers equal opportunities to both men and women – I saw this first-hand during my time as a practising lawyer .
In practice , there were visibly many female partners in leadership as well as a strong representation of women in judiciary , who worked alongside their male counterparts . In this industry , hard work and talent determines your success , and gender has little implication on it .
While the legal sector has certainly had a head start to narrowing the gap between genders , I am starting to see this in the tech industry as well . More organizations are recognizing the value of a balanced workforce , and we are certainly closer to achieving near-parity in the tech sector now than when I had first started out . p
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