Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 43

FEATURE : 5G oversight of NBN to ensure its costs are efficient , its pricing is reasonable and its terms are fair .”
Consumer Data Right ( CDR ) regime
The treasury ’ s recent design paper regarding Consumer Data Right ( CDR ) reflects Commpete ’ s policy preferences . It is considering adopting a ‘ de minimis ’ threshold for the designation of data holders who will be required to share CDR data under the regime ( meaning that certain data holders would be excluded from these data sharing obligations based on their size ).
Commpete is Australia ’ s leading alliance representing challenger providers of digital communications for retail and wholesale customers . Commpete ’ s member organizations are Circles . Life , Field Solutions Group , Macquarie Telecom , MNF Group , My Republic , Southern Phone , Superloop and TasmaNet . Combined the group represents 1,575 Australian staff , 328,000 Australian customers , approximately AU $ 1 billion in annual turnover and over AU $ 200 million investments in FY 20 / 21 .
Commpete says this is a sensible and workable approach reflecting what has already worked in other sectors , such as energy . Commpete ’ s concern now is to hold on to the win and avoid backsliding .
Australia ’ s Numbering Plan
Commpete says many of Australia ’ s regulatory policies and settings are outdated . It argues that the telco sector is changing at an increasing speed and regulation has not kept up with these changes , and Australia ’ s Numbering Plan is out of date and no longer fit for purpose . Commpete believes that infrastructure – whether it be mobile 5G , fixed wireless , satellite , Fiber to the Premises ( FTTP ) – should be increasingly treated as a technology agnostic platform .
It says this would facilitate competition at the service layer and encourage the regulatory regime to slowly transition away from compartmentalized technologyspecific regulatory silos .
Commpete calls on the Australian Communications and Media Authority ( ACMA ) and the government to fundamentally review the Numbering Plan as a priority with a view to making Australia ’ s numbering arrangements more forward looking and flexible to allow and encourage innovation in the sector . p
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