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Commpete , which advocates for procompetition policies and regulation in Australian telecommunications markets , argues that Australia is lagging behind other countries when it comes to open and timely access to the communications infrastructure – its fixed lines , the NBN , the coming
5G network and beyond .

Michelle Lim , Chair of Commpete , has called out what the organization believes are outdated policies within the telecommunications sector that are ‘ holding back much-needed innovation .’

“ To date , government policy has assumed that there is sufficient competition in the mobile sector to meet customer demands ,” Lim said .
“ Nothing could be further from the truth . Commpete is deeply concerned about the lack of effective competition in the sector . Mobile communication has never been more important .
“ In 2022 , Australians rely on mobile devices and seamless online access for our personal and business lives in a way that could barely have been imagined when current regulations were put into place around 25 years ago . We are especially concerned about regional Australia being left behind .”
Commpete officially called on the government and regulators to urgently review the mobile market and adopt a future focused approach to regulating the sector .
Lim said implementing Commpete ’ s strategies to address the pressing issues the industry is facing will introduce genuine competition in the market and foster innovation , enabling greater flexibility and choice , and most importantly greater value for consumers and businesses . Lim has also announced Commpete ’ s top five priorities for 2022 .
Competition in the mobile services sector
“ There ’ s a dire lack of competition in the mobile sector . With the development of new technologies such as 5G , there are unparalleled opportunities for innovation and diversity ,” Lim said .
“ However , outcomes will be suboptimal if left to incumbent mobile network operators ( MNOs ) and mobile virtual network operators ( MVNOs ) are not given the opportunity to actively participate to innovate .”

Commpete says it ’ s time for real competition in Australia ’ s digital communications

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