Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 35


Traditionally the CIO position aligned internal business needs to technology solutions like employee Single Sign-On and , with the exception of e-business , IT was defined as a cost center .

However , we ’ re living at a time when businesses are looking to increase their digital footprint and as businesses are forced to evolve and provide alternate offerings , CIOs are also needing to evolve into revenue drivers . IT is now moving organizations toward their financial goals , not just in e-businesses , but in traditional in-store businesses as well .
For the most part , the CIOs we work with are prioritizing their spending on day-to-day operations and securing their now remote workforces .
However , some more progressive CIOs have started to shift their focus externally , directing spending toward engaging with their new and growing online audiences in a frictionless and secure way . This is no doubt critical for businesses who ’ ve had to launch new consumerfacing services in light of physical store closings .
Some more progressive CIOs have started to shift their focus externally .
Unfortunately , many CIOs believe Digital Transformation must take several years while they update complex , monolithic IT infrastructures built for a specific moment in time .
In reality , we are seeing CIOs achieve quick wins by replacing parts of their legacy technology with ‘ componentized ’ digital technologies ( think building blocks ) that can be more easily reused across their infrastructure .
At the root of this is the idea that adaptability is a strategy , not a response . CIOs must prioritize digital technologies , development methodologies and organizational structures that promote adaptability . This doesn ’ t mean reneging on a long-term strategy , but rather making choices that give them the capacity to switch gears in the short term to meet their goals . p
These include services like online payments , messaging and communication and identity management that allow businesses to speed their Digital Transformation and adapt to changing environments , whether that be a pandemic , new cyberthreats , or consumer devices and expectations .
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