Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 34

Automation allows CIOs to take advantage of the next generation of infrastructure .

My key advice for CIOs right now is to consider security as part of any infrastructure or engineering project and , when doing so , to prioritize both visibility and automation for sustained success .

Automation allows CIOs to take advantage of the next generation of infrastructure without legacy tooling slowing down or exposing modern architectures that are becoming more common .
In today ’ s skill-short environment , automation also alleviates the pressure of finding the staff required to run and manage manual processes such as policy or rule writing and frees up employees to focus on strategy and business-wide initiatives that will add value . IT professionals want to develop and evolve their careers and to work with the latest technology .
Ensuring visibility allows CIOs to make smarter decisions , not just on the security itself but on applications , the wider tooling , infrastructure and ID bottlenecks . It also makes it easier to communicate with the broader leadership team ( and board ) with demonstrable progress and proof-points on initiatives such as compliance . As well as supporting internal discussions , improved visibility will also allow you to better support new customers and markets who often require these proof-points .
The fastest way to burn out and loose good staff is to have them stuck on mundane tasks like rule writing or combing through alerts all day . So , investing in bestin-class tools will both attract new staff and help retain existing members of the team .
Automation and Machine Learning have evolved and are no longer a ‘ nice-to-have ’ for CIOs . Sophisticated Machine Learning technology can provide accurate and meaningful improvements for your business .
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