Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 33


Many CIOs are trying to accelerate the rate at which applications are developed and deployed as part of a larger digital business transformation initiative . Organizations in APAC have been forced to sharpen their focus on productivity and agility as many development , operations and security teams have become highly distributed .

CIOs are leaning on DevOps methodologies to help the business meet market needs . To do so , the DevOps teams must find ways to accelerate the speed of software delivery innovation , reduce security and compliance risks , and increase operational efficiencies . An area that is still highly underrepresented in this shift is that many CIOs remain in the dark about the value they are generating from their total investment in software development and in production .
Many CIOs know their total technology spend but that is only one part of the puzzle .
As the CIO comes under greater pressure to deliver value back to the business , they are hamstrung by the complexity of their development tool-chain , wasting time trying to manually capture useful ROI metrics – time which could be spent on more productive activity .
A fully integrated DevOps platform enables all metrics to be captured automatically in a single data store , helping organizations to understand the velocity , speed , security , overall quality and stability of software development projects .
Having clear measurement of their entire software development lifecycle can allow CIOs to identify gaps and opportunities for greater efficiency and business value . Many CIOs know their total technology spend but that is only one part of the puzzle – it doesn ’ t tell the business the ROI in terms of business impact and time-to-value .
By applying the right DevOps tooling and measures , APAC CIOs can maximize the ROI of their software investments via greater productivity and collaboration , while strengthening quality and security .
Leaders need a firm grasp on metrics such as DevOps Research and Assessment ( DORA ) metrics to demonstrate , justify , and realize the tangible value of their DevOps programs to both senior management and other key business stakeholders . The better the ability of the team to measure criteria such as deployment frequency ( DF ), lead time for changes ( LT ), mean time to recovery ( MTTR ), and change failure rate ( CFR ), the more they can start to focus on ROI .
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