Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 22 - Page 21

LATEST INTELLIGENCE cables and whips under plenums in a raised floor , allowing cooling air from below to flow unobstructed to the servers . If in-row cooling units are used along with busways , it eliminates the need for the raised floor itself .
A busway system gives you full visibility over your power distribution system , making it easier to do maintenance and troubleshooting . Unlike RPPs , electricians don ’ t have to shut down the entire system , or do hazardous work on a live and exposed panel , in order to change out a single circuit breaker . Using plug-in units ( a . k . a . tap-off boxes ), which are inserted into the busway ’ s open channel and connected to the internal busbars , you can easily and safely swap out old circuits and replace them with new ones in a matter of minutes .
But not all busway solutions are the same ; some busway systems work better , last longer , and require less maintenance than others . In evaluating a busway solution , you should look for three important qualities :
• Reliability – An effective busway system provides reliable and efficient power distribution , a maintenance-free joint design , and a long useful life , to ensure continuous uptime for your IT infrastructure . p
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