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CIM awarded analytics contract by Lendlease in Australia such as heating , ventilation and air condition systems , significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing carbon emissions .

David Walsh , CEO and Founder , CIM , said : “ We are delighted to have been awarded this contract to provide innovative data driven solutions that will improve sustainability outcomes .”

CIM , a leading building analytics SaaS platform , has been contracted to provide analytics and systems monitoring for 16 buildings in Lendlease Investment Management ’ s Australian office portfolio .

CIM initially piloted its technology across four Lendlease commercial buildings in July 2020 and has been contracted to extend its solution across another 12 commercial buildings in the portfolio .
The engagement includes locations such as International Towers at Barangaroo , Darling Quarter and Darling Square in Sydney ; and 485 Latrobe Street and Melbourne Quarter in Melbourne .
CIM ’ s platform harnesses building analytics , Machine Learning and AI to deliver immediate insights into building operational performance . It identifies and facilitates quick resolution of inefficiencies in large plant and equipment
CIM makes it easier to operate large buildings at their peak operational performance .
“ The systems people don ’ t see , that keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter , operate lifts and lighting , can use more than 60 % of a building ’ s total energy consumption ,” said Walsh .
“ With building analytics technology , this sector has the biggest opportunity to cut carbon emissions and play a critical role in curbing climate change .”

KnowBe4 Research : Half of employees use unauthorized file services to complete work

Kai Roer , Chief Research Officer , KnowBe4

Shadow IT Is Real , which revealed that shadow IT is a real risk for organizations with half of employees using unauthorized file services to complete work .

This research report examines the prevalence of two common insecure practices using survey responses from over 435,000 participants across global regions and industries . The first analysis covers the use of unauthorized cloud services to store information and communicate in the workplace . The second analysis reviews the prevalence of downloading content through unauthorized file sharing networks using work computers .
Highlights from the findings include :
• Asia and Oceania are regions with worryingly high rates of both practices , while Africa is consistently the best performing .
• Finance and technology-based industries are comparatively better than many other industries , while construction , manufacturing , educational and government-based organizations are the poorest performing .
Kai Roer , Chief Research Officer , KnowBe4 , said : “ To combat shadow IT , organizations should focus on strengthening their security culture and increasing employees ’ level of security awareness . It is especially important for employees to understand and take responsibility for how their insecure behaviors can ultimately affect the organization ’ s reputation and bottom line .” p
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