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Macquarie Telecom doubles down on SD-WAN as it reaches 6,000 sites

Macquarie Telecom has deployed its SD-WAN services to 6,000 sites across Australia after pioneering the technology in the country less than four years ago .

Macquarie Group Executive Luke Clifton
believes the company ’ s early recognition of the significance of the technology and willingness to go all in has been crucial to its success .
The company will invest and hire additional staff in Australia across areas including engineering , customer service and marketing , aiming to double the number of sites in half the time .
“ Cloud computing has asserted its dominance over enterprise applications – why would networks be any different ?,” said Clifton . “ We ’ ve calculated our team has poured 7,900 hours into researching , engineering and iterating our solution and the results speak for themselves .”
SD-WAN decouples network management from its underlying physical infrastructure . This allows enterprises to securely connect users to applications , enables better visibility and control over apps ’ impact on bandwidth and can provide automatic and instant switching between , for example , an nbn line and a 4G backup to ensure users don ’ t experience downtime .
Luke Clifton , Macquarie Group Executive
Macquarie flew past the 6,000-site milestone with a number of key SD-WAN deals signed with businesses including pharmaceutical financial services specialist Guild Group , not-for-profit Civic Disability Services , and business and industrial imaging company Konica Minolta .

RSPCA Australia and Stockwell win in SugarCRM ’ s global customer breakthrough awards

SugarCRM has announced the winners of its inaugural global Customer Breakthrough Awards .

RSPCA Australia has won the Impact For Change Breakthrough Award 2021 and Stockwell has won Customer of The Year Asia Pacific .
SugarCRM ’ s Customer Breakthrough Awards celebrate diverse and thriving customers and recognize their breakthrough success in delivering an exceptional customer experience .
Jason du Preez , Senior Vice President APAC , SugarCRM , said : “ We are delighted to see our Australian customers leading their global counterparts in leveraging our solutions to drive organizational change and provide a leading customer experience . They are to be commended for their innovation and efforts to streamline operations and provide vastly improved customer engagement .”
Chris Pennington , Chief Customer Officer , SugarCRM , said : “ Congratulations to our SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Award winners for showcasing how Sugar solutions and services make the hard things easier for sales , marketing and service .
“ Even in the throes of a global pandemic , these customers were able to overcome disruption by leveraging technology to drive innovation and success in the most challenging of business circumstances .
“ We ’ re pleased to recognize Sugar customers around the globe that are letting the platform do the work for nextlevel customer experience and business performance .”
The awards recognize breakthrough success in customer experience with winners in various awards categories , including regional Customer of the Year winners in Asia-Pacific .
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