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These functions were too big and not cost effective . In addition , their use of legacy operations made networks unwieldy to deploy , scale and maintain . These challenges will multiply in the 5G environment .
CSPs understand today they need to derive more from the cloud , which must be rebuilt as cloud-native to deliver business agility in rapidly onboarding new apps and deploying and operating new services . The scale of 5G opens the door to more devices and a diverse mix of services , making it difficult for legacy operations to keep up .
Cloud-native benefits
We see more and more CSPs partnering with cloud providers in order to accelerate the 5G transformation journey , which offers benefits such as fully automated deployments , ease of management and orchestration of workload in the hybrid cloud .
• Microsoft Azure – Microsoft acquired Affirmed Networks ( network virtualization provider specializing in vEPC and v5GC ). The partnership allowed Microsoft to produce Azuew for Operators , a suite of products with Azure networking and cloud infrastructure , network virtualization and cloud applications , as well as Azure AI and an analytics engine .
• AT & T – At the end of June , AT & T announced that it is moving its 5G mobile network to Microsoft cloud . This strategic alliance provides a path for all AT & T mobile network traffic to be managed using Microsoft Azure technologies . Both companies will start with AT & T ’ s 5G core , which connects mobiles users and IoT devices to the Internet and other services .
• Nokia and Google – In January , Google Cloud and Nokia announced they would jointly develop cloudnative 5G core solutions for CSPs and enterprise customers . The new partnership will deliver cloud capabilities to the network edge .
Essentially , the transformation delivers deployment flexibility and automated scaling of network functions for demand-driven network growth , reducing manual monitoring and operational complexity .
High profile cloud partnerships demonstrate some of the benefits of 5G . These include :
CSPs face new challenges in moving from a component-based topology to a service-based network .
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