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Avaya helps new app Beyond Park digitalize the parking experience

Developed in Melbourne , Beyond Park was created to eliminate the frustrations drivers experience when visiting carparks in shopping centers , airports , universities and other venues .

Avaya is working with Australian engineering firm , InnerVision Engineering , to digitalize the parking experience .

InnerVision has deployed the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentralR communications platform to power real-time customer support for Beyond Park , its ticketless and cashless parking app .
“ The average Australian spends three months in their lifetime looking for a parking spot , and countless drivers have endured hefty fees after losing a paper ticket . Beyond Park changes how people enter and exit carparks to eliminate these and the myriad other headaches we ’ ve all experienced ,” said Darren Casha , Founder and Managing Director at InnerVision Engineering .
The mobile app gives consumers instant access to information for every carpark in supported locations , including venues that may not be partnered with Beyond Park . Commercial venues that deploy Beyond Park gain access to an all-in-one parking solution , including on-site software and hardware plus Avaya-powered web portal and help desk services .
InnerVision selected the Avaya Cloud Office communications platform to support every exit terminal and pay-on-foot facility where Beyond Park is installed . The secure , cloud-based software allows drivers who need assistance to use any intercom facility to instantly connect with the Beyond Park help desk .

Inmarsat announces first installation of GX Aviation inflight broadband solution

Inmarsat , a leader in global mobile satellite communications , has announced the first installation of its GX Aviation inflight broadband solution by Asia Digital Engineering ( ADE ).

The installation , completed onboard an AirAsia Airbus A320 aircraft , marks an important milestone that supports
ADE ’ s ambitions to become a GX Aviation installation partner for other airlines in Southeast Asia .
The company , a wholly-owned AirAsia Group subsidiary based in Malaysia , will also establish a one-stop shop for airlines that want to operate a fully connected fleet , combining its expertise in end-to-end engineering and maintenance , repair and overhaul with Inmarsat ’ s connectivity solutions .
With a focus on data and technology , ADE has successfully leveraged , and continues to build on , AirAsia Group ’ s 19 years of combined experience in operating and maintaining a large fleet of aircraft .
Chris Rogerson , Inmarsat Aviation ’ s Vice President of Global Sales , said : “ AirAsia Group is the largest customer for our GX Aviation inflight broadband solution in the Asia Pacific region , and one of the largest in the world .
“ We are delighted , therefore , to now collaborate on GX Aviation installations for AirAsia and other airlines in the region , bringing together the combined experience and expertise of Inmarsat , ADE and the rest of the AirAsia Group .”
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