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tThe organization

For more than 140 years , the Salvation Army has been providing support and guidance for those in need throughout Australia . The faith-based movement offers a range of services including assistance for the homeless , alcohol and drug rehabilitation , youth support and Disaster Recovery .
Each year the organization assists more than one million Australians . During an average week , it provides 100,000 meals for the hungry , 2,000 beds for the homeless and 3,000 people with aged care services .
The challenge
As the Salvation Army ’ s presence in Australia has grown during recent years , the organization has become increasingly reliant on its core IT systems . Used for everything from resource planning and budgeting to record keeping and communication with clients , the infrastructure comprises a complex array of hardware that supports a number of critical software applications .
“ During the past two years in particular , we had come to the realization that the way in which our infrastructure was being protected from cyberthreats was not as strong as it needed to be ,” said Lachlan McGill , Executive Manager Cybersecurity , Information Technology Services at Salvation Army Australia . “ It was clear that we need to remove what was essentially a gap in our visibility to ensure we did not fall victim to a potentially damaging attack .”
The solution
In late 2020 , plans were made to implement a more robust security platform to improve the level of protection for the organization ’ s critical IT assets . A range of options were reviewed before a decision was taken to deploy a SIEM platform from LogRhythm . “ What we liked about LogRhythm over its competitors was its large array of pre-built integrations , and its
While security information and event management ( SIEM ) solutions have been around for over a decade , and have evolved significantly over that time , the core functionality still acts as the most effective foundation for any organization ’ s technology stack .
At its most fundamental level , a SIEM solution enables an organization to centrally collect data across its entire network environment to gain real-time visibility into activity that may potentially introduce risk to the organization .
Using SIEM technology to achieve visibility into network activity helps organizations address issues before they become a significant financial risk . It also helps operations better manage company assets .
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