Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 18 - Page 55

FEATURE : DATA CENTERS deploy in OS3 , providing direct connectivity to customers inside the facility . As part of Equinix ’ s interconnection network in Japan , it incorporates seismic protection features with extensive network choice and direct connection to Dojima , a major Internet exchange hub .
• Equinix has achieved its long-term goal of 100 % clean and renewable energy in all of its data centers in Japan since 2020 using high-quality renewable energy certificates . Equinix Osaka data centers are also certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards . OS3 has adopted a number of green features and measures , including motion-activated LED lights , high temperature chilled water set points , DCIM and Adaptive Control Systems , as well as cold / hot aisle containment , to support Japan government ’ s green agenda .
Mimei Ito , Research Manager , IT Services , IDC Japan , said : “ Demand for cloud services continues to grow with Digital Transformation demand , and this has been accelerating data center capital investment in Japan . The addition of the Equinix data center in Osaka reflects the growing data center demand in the Kansai area . Additionally , Equinix ’ s data center expansion within Japan demonstrates its commitment to sustainable investment , as the company is one of the few data center operators which has already achieved a high level of carbon-neutrality in their facilities in Japan .”
Jeremy Deutsch , President , Equinix Asia-Pacific , said : “ As one of the fastest-growing metros in Asia-Pacific , Osaka is gaining attention as a rising digital hub .
Strengthening our presence in the market with OS3 showcases our continuous commitments to helping businesses fast-track their digital journeys with a robust yet versatile infrastructure . We will continue to keep an eye on new opportunities and expand Platform Equinix for more businesses in the fast-growing Asia- Pacific region to power enterprises ’ success in the new era .”
Kuniko Ogawa , Managing Director , Equinix Japan , said : “ With more and more local and global enterprises in Osaka shifting to a digital-first strategy , we have been seeing cloud service providers moving faster than before in this metro to support enterprises ’ increasing needs . The opening of OS3 enables us to maintain our leadership in an evolving market and help businesses to build a digital infrastructure they need . Looking ahead , we are well poised to leverage on our global footprint and ecosystem to help businesses eliminate the distance between clouds , users and applications for optimal performance , speed and flexibility .” p



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