Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 18 - Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : INDONESIA are able to use smart meters to monitor consumption and more efficiently manage electricity distribution . The technology also enables automated billing , electricity theft identification and enhanced reliability of supply for consumers .
With an IoT network grid , utilities in Indonesia are able to :
Utilities need completely reliable high-performance connectivity that can be scaled up quickly to support vast numbers of IoT devices .
• Remotely monitor users ’ power consumption in real time , removing the need for monthly manual inspections of traditional meters and substantially reducing operational costs
• Enable full visibility of the energy grid , identifying areas of overload and underloads to manage and control power distribution more efficiently
• Enhance the customer experience by offering more transparent and accurate billing
• Improve service reliability by detecting blackouts faster and enabling preventative repairs to stop outages before they occur
• Use real-time customer data to inform network improvements and develop new services , such as smart time-of-use tariffs
A win-win solution
Using a IoT managed service lets CSPs offer their enterprise customers scalable , dynamic IoT connectivity . 3ID was able to provide their utility customers with a fully managed service to handle its smart meter rollout . Furthermore , 3ID has built up the foundational capabilities that will allow it to roll out IoT services quickly and cost-efficiently to its enterprise customers in many other industries across the country – from agriculture and livestock management to logistics and asset management .
For CSPs and utility companies , using a worldwide IoT network grid is a win-win scenario . For CSPs , it allows them to diversify into new markets using an IoT Network-As-a-Service model , broaden their service portfolio with the addition of end-to-end connectivity and management , and enables faster rollout of IoT services to their enterprise customers .
Utility companies are provided with robust connectivity across multiple sites and geographies , and dynamic management and monitoring of metering and consumption . Beyond the example of 3ID , there are many ways in which IoT can further the utility industry ’ s goals , it ’ s simply a matter of having reliable connectivity . p
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