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Carlijn Williams , Head of Portfolio Marketing Cloud and Cognitive
Services at Nokia process that has to be done in a special testing lab . By replacing most of its traditional meters ( which often miscalculate power consumption ) with smart meters that can collect energy usage data in real time , the utility company hopes to provide its customers with more accurate information while also bringing greater automation to the billing process .
Being able to dynamically monitor consumption and usage patterns across the grid will also improve load balancing efforts as more renewable energy sources are brought into Indonesia ’ s energy mix . country . It also offers network services to several customers throughout Indonesia . One of its customers has committed to install nearly 100 million smart meters across the country over the next seven years .
The plan supports the government ’ s aim to reduce its dependence on oil , increase the use of renewables to 23 % of the national energy mix by 2025 and achieve 100 % rural electrification . Further , this utility company is seeking to cut costs and improve its customer experience .
Smart meters will reduce the need for staff to recalibrate older traditional meters – a manual , costly
How 3ID enabled their utility customers to achieve their goal
To help achieve these goals and support a customer base that ’ s spread out over Indonesia ’ s many islands , the utility company turned to 3ID to provide connectivity for the smart meters across the country . 3ID had to deliver an IoT connectivity solution that would make it easy to support and manage millions of smart meters – anytime , anywhere .
By using an IoT grid as a service provided by Nokia WING , this solution could be scaled up rapidly to support a huge roll out of smart meters and allow utility companies to monitor and manage IoT connectivity and all its smart meters through a single real-time interface . With 3ID , their utility customers
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