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Smart metering is the utility sector ’ s most prominent use of IoT , with hundreds of millions of water , gas and electricity meters deployed globally each year . Carlijn Williams , Head of Portfolio Marketing Cloud and Cognitive Services at Nokia , tells us how Nokia is facilitating Hutchison 3 Indonesia ( 3ID ), a leading mobile CSP in Indonesia , to provide its utility customers with a fully managed service to handle its smart meter rollout .

Nokia enables Hutchison 3 I to handle smart meter rollou

Jakarta Capital of Indonesia

The Internet of Things ( IoT ) plays a pivotal role in helping the utilities industry transform the way the world uses its resources . Whether deploying smart meters or smart grids , utilities need completely reliable high-performance connectivity that can be scaled up quickly to support vast numbers of IoT devices .

This is where Communication Service Providers ( CSPs ) come in , as they can offer the solution for utility companies wanting to utilize IoT . By using a managed service that encompasses an IoT grid , CSPs and their utility customers have the potential to transform the utilities industry .
Looking at Hutchison 3 Indonesia ( 3ID ) – a leading mobile CSP in Indonesia – and a state-owned electricity company which aims to roll out around 100 million smart meters over the next seven years , it is clear to see what can be achieved for businesses in this industry .
IoT can help utilities take advantage of real time and historical data to improve their efficiency , manage resources and achieve greater sustainability . However , a key challenge is ensuring low costs and secure connectivity at a truly vast scale . Utilities need a simple solution that minimizes installation and operational costs while providing the assured performance that only a managed cellular connectivity solution can offer .
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