Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 18 - Page 41

FEATURE : ZERO TRUST in a physical setting . In a digital environment , however , any or all of these approaches can be effectively implemented . It is all about the balance between productivity and security .
Zero Trust and risk-based verification
In hybrid working environments , employees don ’ t want to be constantly interrupted by security controls . Equally , organizations looking to minimize friction still want to be able to accurately identify users and exclude unauthorized actors .
The solution to achieving this balance is a Zero Trust strategy using a risk-based approach with verification measures that vary based on factors such as the user ’ s device or the systems and information they access . Think of Zero Trust as a digital polygraph test that adapts to the risk potential of each interaction and – if implemented properly – authenticates users with as little friction as possible .
Joseph Carson , Chief Security Scientist , ThycoticCentrify
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