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New report from Barracuda explores emerging traffic trends and live examples of bot behavior and detection .

Barracuda , a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions , has released key findings about bad bots and the ways these automated attacks are evolving . The report , titled Bot Attacks : Top Threats And Trends – Insights Into The Growing Number Of Automated Attacks , explores emerging traffic patterns , live examples of bot behavior and detection , and the steps IT teams should take to protect their businesses .

Over the past few years , automated bot traffic has grown rapidly . Once used primarily by search engines , bots now have a variety of uses – both good and bad . The good bots are primarily search engine crawlers , social network bots , aggregator crawlers , monitoring bots , etc . These bots obey the website owner ’ s rules as specified in the robots . txt file , publish methods of validating them as who they say they are , and work
The attackers running these bad bots prefer to hide within the normal human traffic stream to avoid raising alarm bells .
in a way to avoid overwhelming the websites and applications they visit .
Bad bots are built to perform various malicious activities . They range from basic scrapers that try to get some data off an application ( and are easily blocked ) to advanced persistent bots that behave almost like human beings and look to evade detection as much as possible . These bots attempt attacks such as web and price scraping , inventory hoarding , account takeover
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