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Arctic Wolf selects AWS to power global cybersecurity offering at scale

Using AWS ’ s portfolio of cloud capabilities , including containers , serverless , analytics , database , compute and storage , Arctic Wolf can cost-effectively process more than 1.4 trillion unique security events a week from its global and fast-growing customer base .
In addition , Arctic Wolf plans to leverage AWS ’ s proven global infrastructure to continue to expand its operations .

Arctic Wolf Networks has selected AWS as its primary cloud provider to power the company ’ s cloud-native security operations platform .

Arctic Wolf is one of the leading cybersecurity technology innovators in the world . The company provides turnkey , managed threat detection and response , risk management , cloud monitoring , and security training and awareness services to organizations .
The company ’ s hybrid approach to security combines the scale , speed and processing power of cloud-based automation with the experience of trained security experts to transform how organizations protect themselves .
Nick Schneider , CEO , Arctic Wolf , said : “ AWS ’ s proven performance and security , global reach and breadth of services , as well as the agility we gain by running in the cloud , are critical to achieving our mission to end cyber-risk . The Arctic Wolf Platform was born in the cloud , and we look forward to continuing our work with AWS as a customer and a partner to help organizations across industries protect themselves and those they serve .”

Sonicwall reports nearly ‘ unimaginable upward trend ’ in ransomware

SonicWall has recorded a 148 % increase in global ransomware attacks through the third quarter of 2021 .

With 495 million ransomware attacks logged by the company in 2021 , the past year has been the most costly and dangerous on record .
The US administration hosted a global ransomware summit in October to pledge ‘ all national tools ’ to stop cyberattacks on critical sectors . Leading governments , including the UK , India , Australia , Germany and France , as well as the European Union , attended . SonicWall ’ s latest research now confirms leaders have cause for concern .
“ As we see it , ransomware is on a nearly unimaginable upward trend , which poses a major risk to businesses , service providers , governments and everyday citizens ,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner . “ The real-world damage caused by these attacks is beyond anecdotal at this point . It ’ s a serious national and global problem that has already taken a toll on businesses and governments everywhere . I ’ m hopeful that the recent global ransomware summit is the next step toward a greater response at global , national and state levels .”
Dmitriy Ayrapetov , SonicWall Vice President of Platform Architecture , said : “ The techniques deployed by ransomware actors have evolved well beyond the smash-andgrab attacks from just a few years ago .
“ Today ’ s cybercriminals demonstrate deliberate reconnaissance , planning and execution to surgically deploy toolchains targeting enterprise and government infrastructure . This results in larger victims and leads to higher ransoms .”
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