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INDUSTRY WATCH were particularly impressed with its ability to scale and to integrate with our front-end tools .”
Deployment began with an initial proof-of-concept . This involved extracting data from a number of Postgres databases and providing answers to relatively simple user queries . Once it was clear that the approach worked , additional data was added and user numbers quickly grew .
“ Snowflake now underpins our entire business intelligence efforts ,” said Hadley “ It is used by everyone from our product team to finance and senior management who use it to assist in strategic planning .
“ It allows queries to be quickly answered and provides a clear picture of what is going on within the payments infrastructures of our customers .”
Improved customer support


“ I ’ m confident we now have in place a data platform that will be able to grow and support us for many years to come ,” said Hadley . “ It will also enable us to gain insights and use BI tools in ways that previously would not have been possible .”
We asked Mike Gouline , Data Architect , mx51 , further questions to find out more .
As well as providing in-house support for analytics and business intelligence activity , Snowflake is also used by the mx51 support team to resolve any merchant issues that might arise . For example , if a retailer is experiencing issues with a terminal , data from the machine can be quickly accessed and analyzed to determine the best resolution .
“ It also allows us to provide proactive support for our customer ’ s customers ,” said Hadley . “ If a problem is identified that may have an impact on other merchants , our team can contact them and make them aware that a solution is being devised ahead of potential issues occurring . This sets us apart from other payment firms on the market .”
Why were you impressed with Snowflake ’ s ability to scale ?
Snowflake allows us to scale the compute horizontally and vertically , which means that whether we need more horsepower for complex queries or just the ability to handle more queries concurrently , there are cost-effective options to achieve that . This is very important for our white label model of operation , because no two tenants are the same in their volumes , features and expectations .
Can you explain how Snowflake successfully integrated with your front-end tools ?
Steven Hadley , Chief Product Officer at mx51
Future plans
With growth in merchant and transaction numbers continuing to increase , Hadley said there will be further ways in which Snowflake can support the company in the future .
“ We will be using Snowflake to support more detailed analysis and reporting of transactions for merchants ,” he said . “ This will allow merchants to do things such as altering their trading patterns or augmenting their product ranges to improve sales and revenues .” This will be achieved by enhancing a merchantfacing portal that provides a data feed from installed terminals . The dashboard will give a holistic view of the merchant ’ s payment system , as well as providing the ability to drill down to see specific transactions .
Snowflake is widely supported in the data ecosystem , so every business intelligence and visualisation tool that we currently use , including Metabase and Power BI , and even tools that we evaluated throughout our data journey had first-party support for Snowflake . The same goes for integration and workflow tools we use to load , unload and transform data in Snowflake , to surface insights in our customer-facing dashboards .
How efficient did you find the deployment process overall ?
Ease of deployment is crucial for our operations , because all infrastructure has to be provisioned separately for each tenant . As a result , we are very selective about the services we use outside of the main cloud provider , to avoid complicating the automation
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