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Vantage Data Centers to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030

Vantage Data Centers , a leading global provider of hyperscale data center campuses , has announced that the company will achieve net zero carbon emissions globally by 2030 .

This marks a significant step for the company in its long-time efforts to continually increase efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts at its hyperscale data center campuses worldwide .
With Vantage ’ s commitment to net zero carbon emissions , the company will not only actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but will also invest in technologies and projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere .
Vantage ’ s goal specifically targets reductions for emissions that the company directly controls , Scope 1 and 2 emissions , as well as reductions that it can guide or influence throughout its supply chain . Vantage is creating interim reduction targets that are in alignment with the Science Based Target Initiative ( SBTi ) methodology , which defines and promotes emissions reduction in line with climate science .
“ As major consumers of power and land , data center operators have an undeniable responsibility to aggressively reduce emissions and lessen environmental impacts wherever possible . This is why we ’ ve set our target at net zero rather than carbon neutral ,” said Justin Thomas , Chief Technology Officer , Vantage Data Centers .
“ Our goal is to be a sustainability leader , and we are setting interim reduction goals that touch every part of our business .”
Vantage will continue to prioritize partnerships and projects that directly benefit the environment and communities in which the company operates .
Vantage will reach its net zero goal by focusing on four key areas :
• Emissions reduction : Vantage is investing in technologies that target reductions in emissions , starting with a focus on energy efficiency and emissions reductions from onsite generators . In addition , the company will develop processes and partnerships to reduce Scope 3 emissions outside of its control , such as emissions associated with customer IT and cooling loads .
• Renewable energy : Vantage has already taken a proactive approach in designing highly efficient data center campuses with industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness ( PUE ). Most recently , the company announced that it now offers renewable energy options to customers across all campuses globally . In addition , Vantage actively works with energy providers , customers and industry groups , like the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance ( REBA ), to advocate for and invest in additional renewable energy sources globally .
• Supply chain : Vantage is working closely with its vendors and suppliers to decarbonize its supply chain .
• Carbon offsets : Only in areas where emissions are unavoidable , Vantage will purchase offsets . The offsets purchased will provide funding for carbon removal projects and investments in communities where the company operates its data centers .
“ Vantage is taking a forward-looking approach to decarbonization by investing in the team , technology and processes needed to actively reduce our carbon footprint across the design , construction and operation of our data center campuses ,” said Amanda Sutton , Senior Director of Sustainability , Vantage Data Centers .
“ Our comprehensive strategy includes everything from the use of renewable energy to water conservation , waste reduction and recycling . “ We are making a strong commitment to sustainability while also rapidly expanding globally to support our customers ’ technological innovations today and into the future .” p
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