Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 62

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia city skyline

Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia ( LLM ) plays an important role in the lives of many Malaysians . LLM constructs , manages and maintains highways and expressways that connect families and friends to each other and to employment opportunities , educational institutions , healthcare services , retail stores and more . By building , monitoring and renovating roadways , LLM contributes to the country ’ s wellbeing .

Millions of people travel on Malaysia ’ s highways , but they ’ re probably not aware that LLM assesses every kilometer to improve safety , reduce traffic congestion and integrate automation . Several IT applications assist in this process , including an expressway performance indicator system , a highway construction monitoring process and a toll-road evaluation system .
“ Our backup solution was becoming outdated ,” said Mohd Sukri bin Shuib , Assistant Director of Technology at LLM . “ There were times when backup was slow and recovery was unreliable , making it more difficult to meet recovery objectives in the Business Continuity standards required by our government .”
To strengthen its backup and Disaster Recovery ( DR ) strategy , LLM ’ s IT Division contacted Infinity Consulting Technology ( ICT ), a Platinum Veeam Cloud and Service Provider ( VCSP ) partner in Malaysia . ICT is widely recognized as a cloud backup and DR service provider in Malaysia , providing Aegis , the in-house brand of ICT , which focuses on delivering cloud Disaster Recovery services .
While travelers may not be familiar with these applications , many of them are familiar with LLM ’ s website because it provides helpful maps , construction updates , traffic status and toll-rate information . Protecting this website and the IT applications supporting highway management , maintenance and customer service is critical , so when the backup solution became more of a challenge than an asset , the IT Division searched for a replacement .
Aegis manages and monitors customers ’ daily backup operations , maintenance and support of customers ’ backup and DR operations . Aegis also offers complimentary and unlimited DR resources , including dedicated drill personnel who assist customers when performing drills , so they complete successfully . Aegis obtained Disaster Recovery Certified Expert ( DRCE ) certification in 2012 , giving it more than a decade of cloud backup and DR expertise .
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