Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 16 - Page 59

How far is the platform delivering on your objectives ?
Why did you choose to work with Boomi ?
Our driving objective was the ability to create a hub and spoke architecture that allowed critical platforms to connect and deliver the right information to business services through a catalog of APIs . This enables us to leverage the data we have to create services more seamlessly and with velocity through best-of-breed solutions . The Boomi platform plays a critical role in delivering on this objective .
Our digital services enable members to get guidance , access information and make decisions through our Member Online Platform across a 24 / 7 time period , with information available in real-time through the Boomi platform . It also helps to support on-going innovation and more efficient solutions .
What are the practical benefits of the platform ’ s ease of use ?
We have an API-led principle to connect platforms and leverage data across the organization and drive business change to maximize member value . The ease of use has created velocity in our ability to build solutions . The platform has helped HESTA deploy a new digital member online platform to members , continue to extend and uplift this service with new features , and enable the sharing of information across channels so that we can support members through digital , phone and face-to-face engagement channels .
In addition , corporate and investment platforms have also been connected providing opportunities to streamline processes and leverage data across more business functions . Recent automation of the platform means HESTA is able to develop , test and deploy with increased deployment velocity with confidence on quality and security .
How has the system improved your company ’ s performance ?
Our purpose is to make a difference to the financial outcomes of our members . We want our members to connect with us and feel confident about their decisions . Since June 2020 , when our Member Online Platform was deployed , we have seen an exponential increase in digital engagement and our net promoter score – a key indicator of our member satisfaction which we know directly impacts retention and better financial decisions . These improved experiences and processes have also helped us to grow members despite the Covidrelated disruptions .
HESTA did a market scan and narrowed down to three platform providers . We knew that we needed a platform with high ease of use and which enabled APIs to be crafted with velocity . While the other vendors discussed features akin to drag and drop to build connections , the demonstrations didn ’ t show this potential .
We wanted the ability to work with APIs without the need for extensive coding . Boomi were able to demonstrate through a POC that they could connect with ease and without complex coding . Furthermore , they were more focused on customer outcomes and showed an alignment to HESTA ’ s purpose of making a real impact to our members .
Boomi engaged with HESTA directly to understand who our members were and what business problems we were keen to solve . Three years later , we still have this engaged relationship with Boomi who work closely with us through their Architecture-As-A-Service to continuously help drive customer outcomes .
What is the most significant benefit members have profited from because of the work you ’ ve done using the platform ?
Members have the ability to self-service , get information and take action such as change investment options or increase their contributions 24 / 7 . This is incredibly valuable to a large percentage of our members who are front line health workers and work in rostered shifts during all hours across the day and week . We know that when our members take action , it makes a real difference to their financial future so we want to provide them with the opportunity when it suits them . p



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